Dar Building

Georgian developer-building company “DAR BUILDING” has appeared in a Building and Construction market since 2013 and soon has established itself as a strong and reliable company.
Reliability was gained by the company due to the background and experience of its team. We entered a construction market with a different activity, long before we took steps in building and development. More than 10 years the companies “DAR CAPITAL” and “PATRIOT 2006” has been in the service of a building and construction industry. Manufacturing and export of all materials necessary for building, repair or reconstruction are carried out by our companies.
The scope of work of the companies “PATRIOT 2006” and “DAR CAPITAL” includes importing of housing construction, repair and facing materials from different countries and dynamically growing local manufacturing. Since their foundation, the companies have gone through the different stages of development and nowadays they are equipped with modern installations and machines and have powerful material-technical and industrial basis. We have managed to develop our business in different directions.
We produce: pitchy cement, metal tiles, varnishes and paints, insulation materials, foam plastic decorative copes, drop ceiling, ceramic sanitary ware, nails, sewer and water pipes.
In 2016 the company expanded its activity. It was involved in the government program “Produce in Georgia” and started to manufacture high quality cement adhesive.
The goal of our companies is to provide a customer with a wide variety of innovative and demand-oriented products. For the realization of production, we created a distribution system inside and outside the country.
One more company offering customers our products in one space is “MODUS”. In a multistory building with escalators, you can find anything you need for refurbishment or decoration of your house. This type of service, introduced at the end of 2016, is new to Batumi. You can find here anything you wish: laminate flooring, drop ceiling, bathroom furniture, whirlpool and shower baths, shower cabins, bathroom accessories, mirrors, sanitary-ware, electric devices, pipes, water heaters and even high class Italian furniture.



erapalace kvariati

erapalace gorki
One more sphere of our activity is a private hotel chain. Before starting construction and development activities the company has built and has been managing such well-known hotels in Batumi as “ERA PALACE” and “GONIO PALACE”.
Thus, the fact, that during its 3-year history “DAR BUILDING” has made the name of a reliable and quality-oriented company, is not accidental. We have our own assets that give opportunity to make a project of any complexity without depending on any financial institution. Our trustworthy partners are those, who represent a solid financial guarantee of the company.
Building, architecture and design of hotels, multifunctional complexes, residential apartments, public and industrial buildings represent a general sphere of activity of “DAR BUILDING” LTD.
The company is equipped with modern construction technology that ensures high quality construction and saves time. One more important factor making the company so special is its highly professional and united team. Experienced engineers, constructors, architects, designers and other high level specialists are involved in the realization of a large scale projects. Thanks to the team and proper management, the company always complies with construction deadlines and ensures high quality performance.
“DAR BUILDING” company’s completed or under-construction projects stand out by their scale, variety, innovative approaches and modern architecture. We build houses almost in every neighborhood of Batumi and try to offer the projects that will be suitable not only for living and resting, but also will match the cityscape and integrate with a certain place.
Following this approach - using professionalism and making a thorough analysis of every detail, the company laid foundation for various successful projects.
During a 3-year history of “DAR BUILDING” 170 million US dollars have been invested by the company. The total construction area is 280 000 m², which, in its turn, is made up of residential and hotel-style apartments, underground parking areas, casinos, hotels, spa-recreation centers, entertainment and infrastructure places.
The successful construction business projects provide opportunity to make even more ambitious plans. In future the company is planning to build not only in the region, but throughout the whole Georgia.
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