Georgia has been in world headlines a lot lately that made it especially attractive and popular among both tourists and investors. The country became a place of interest because of its historical discoveries, cultural heritage, new tourist attractions or its constantly developing, European-style cities. Where is Georgia?! When you look at Eurasia on a map, on the border of Europe and Asia between Black and Caspian seas you will notice the name of the country: “GEORGIA”. Greek meaning of the word “GEORGIA” is the land of farmers. So Georgia is the oldest country which has a strategic location: It borders with Turkey and Armenia in the South, Azerbaijan in the East and its northern neighbor, across the Caucasus, is Russia. tbilisi
The capital of the country, with population of 1.5 million, citizens is Tbilisi. Founded in the 5th century, from the 6th century until today it has the status of the capital of Georgia. Many travelers, writers and poets in their works describe the impressions made by this country. In different times Russian Alexander Pushkin, French Alexandre Dumas and Norwegian Knut Hamsun visited Georgia. Each of them perceived this historical city in his own way and could not hide their admiration for it. Tbilisi is constantly developing and changeable. A lot of modern apartment houses, complexes, entertainment centers or hypermarkets, but its main attraction-cultural diversity, remains inalterable. Georgia is notable for its peerless and the oldest cultural heritage. It is well known for its exquisite cuisine and hospitality. Georgia called the homeland of wine. From old times, varieties of grape were grown here. Georgian wine: Khvanchkara, Saperavi, Tsinandali, Kindzmarauli, Mukuzani, Teliani and many others are popular abroad. Georgia is proud of its past. Many Georgian monuments are in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. One of them is the 12th century Gelati Monastery complex. Here you can see the unique pieces of manuscripts and forging art. In the Monastery, there was an academy, which was quite famous even outside Georgia.
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According to the historical legends and facts, Georgia hosted Argonauts, Marco Polo and other famous travelers. During the centuries, its territory was crossed by The Silk Road route. Georgia is rich with winter and summer resorts as well as with hydro-mineral resources. There are more than 2000 types of “remedy” mineral water. 103 resorts are officially registered in Georgia: Batumi, Kobuleti, Borjomi, Bakuriani and other famous resorts, which are distinguished by their different remedy peculiarities. “Vogue”- the famous French publication announced the list of the “hottest” and most fashionable tourist places of 2017, where Georgia was put in the first place. Over the last decade, the country has significantly changed and moved to a new stage of development. Reforms implemented in economy, infrastructure and especially in security services and police considerably changed the image of the country. As a result of the reforms in the above mentioned government offices bureaucracy was much reduced and today running a business in Georgia became easy and attractive for both native and foreign businessmen. We can bring several examples based on the latest international researches that will make evident the steps taken in this respect and will create an impression about the economic growth of the country. The research shows that Georgia has improved and took the 16th place. Last year the country was in the 23rd position. Assessing the simplicity of the property registration procedure in the world, Georgia once again can be named the best and it persistently remains among the top three. Georgia is also in the top ten countries, which succeeded in business regulations sphere. The country, In Europe and Central Asia Region, alongside with Macedonia and Latvia, takes the leading position. As reported by The World Bank research, regarding the simplicity of starting a business, Georgia has risen 2 points and now is in the 8th place worldwide. As stated in The international organization’s “The Heritage Foundation” 2016 Index of Economic Freedom research, Georgia, in respect of the economic freedom, with 72,6 points takes its place within the category of free countries and is in the 23rd place worldwide and the 12th in Europe. Referring to rating Georgia leaves behind such developed countries as Finland, Sweden, Austria, Norway and Latvia. One more point, according to the International Rating Agency “Fraser” which rated 159 countries’ data regarding economic freedom, Georgia is in the 5th place. Georgia takes serious steps to join European Union. One of the proofs is the EU-GEORGIA Association Agreement, which also includes Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area - DC FTA and considers specific significant actions to deepen relations between EU and Georgia. The document has been ratified and Georgia has already started to fulfil responsibilities imposed by the agreement. In 2017, Georgia expects one more important novelty - visa-free regime with Schengen zone countries that will make possible for Georgian citizens to travel without visas. Visa-free regime means -easy travel on the territory of Schengen zone countries, which includes 22 EU- member, four non-member, and four candidate countries. These countries are: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Greece, France, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Island, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland; Bulgaria, Cyprus, Romania, Croatia.