Project presentation

DAR RESIDENCE is a boutique-style elite house, which is being built in a very special district. Baratashvili Street is a part of Old Batumi. The house is in the city center, near Batumi Circus and Europe Square. Cafes, bars, different high-class hotels, Central Boulevard and famous Batumi Piazza are also nearby.

The entire construction space of the seven-storey house comprises 6000 square meters.

The 1st floor is intended for commercial use, the rest of 6 floors are totally living area.

The house has two entrances and contains 54 apartments. The biggest advantage of the dwelling spaces is light and sunny flats.

Minimum area of apartment is 31, 00 m²; maximum-112 m².

Façade is lined with high-quality brick blocks and decorative shell.

24-month internal, interest and fee-free credit purchase is also possible.

In the Elite House DAR BUILDING will create elite conditions and unique living atmosphere. The yard with lots of plants, will be decorated with fancy plates and lanterns, besides, there will be inner parking lot and 24-hour security service.